Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dairy cows have it the worst

Law school is really taking a toll on The Colonic. My apologies. Hopefully, I'll get into a better swing of things.

Before I hit the books, I thought I would clear up the air about dairy cows.

There is a belief that dairy is a happy-cow sort of product. No killing, just milk extraction. Actually, dairy cows have it the worst. I like PETA's explanation of the double-whammy that dairy cows face:

Cows on dairy factory farms often spend years in intensive confinement, forced to stand in feces- and urine-soaked mud as they’re repeatedly impregnated and pushed to produce huge amounts of milk that strain their bodies.Eventually, their bodies give out from the strain, and their “thank you” is to be loaded on a truck and sold for slaughter.

…Our investigator witnessed lame cows struggling to stand and walk as they were herded to the milking machines; cows who could not stand on their own being kicked, jabbed in the spine with a blade, and electro-shocked; and dying cows who were denied even a mercy killing to relieve their pain.

Ethical treatment of animals aside, this is a repulsive breeding ground for bacteria and other health disasters.


*A note about PETA: I only support PETA in it's undercover footage and a small handful of publicity stunts (pregnant women in pig cages was awesome). Their ads are generally either sexist, transphobic, weightist, or some humiliate some other minority.

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