Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hugo's vegan mac n cheese is a hit

Thankfully, I have escaped the District of Columbia and have been chowing down on the much-missed vegan delights of Los Angeles. I hit up Hugo's in West Hollywood and and my eyes lit up when I saw vegan mac n cheese as a special. As you may know, I have really struggled to find adequate vegan mac n cheese. The only one I like is sadly frozen and so I try to limit it as much as possible given the law school schedule (Amy's Vegan Rice Macaroni & Cheeze).

Enter Hugo's. First, note that the mac n cheese is a special, and is therefore not a permanent feature of the menu. Second, note that it is not conventional mac n cheese. In fact, I would characterize it as more of a casserole. Not only was it poppin' with mushrooms and peas, the dish came covered in fried onions. yummmmm.

Dreading going back to the District and its lame plant-based foods.


Stephen said...

I don't understand the connection between limiting the frozen Amy's dish with the law school schedule -- elaborate?

Also, jealous you went to Hugo's again!

Dan said...

What do vegan dishes use in place of cheese?

Vanessa said...

Stephen, I meant that I try to avoid frozen food as much as I can...but in law school, it's hard to completely cut them out.

Dan, vegan cheeses are typically made from soy, cashew, rice, almond, or pea protein. Soy cheese is typically disgusting, with some exceptions. Not sure what the cheese pictured above is--that neon color is not typical (and obviously means this is probz something funky one should not consume often).

My fav is homemade cashew cheese, which is essentially cashew butter (think peanut butter) and water...with some other seasonings. It's super natural and super delicious.

John Rawls said...

Lay off the District! If there is such a huge opening for good vegan food, open a restaurant and make some money!