Thursday, January 15, 2009

the cup is up

I have been blogging a lot about the sustainability of the reusable menstrual cup, and this week the thing is finally up and running. Since I am trying to spread awareness about the cup, I have decided to report back on my experiences. It is very comfortable, and actually, the days of chaffing are gone for good due to difference in material.

I did have an awkward moment that I had to self-talk my way out of. I was at school and the cup, just like tampons, needs to be tended to throughout the day. Admittedly, I was embarrassed to have to wash it out in a public bathroom. Mortified actually. But then I thought about. I think other women should be embarrassed of how wasteful they are with their menstrual products. I shouldn't feel uncomfortable because I put the earth before more conventional social practices. Booya.

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