Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Supreme Court won't hear ex-Nazi guard case


SHARON, Pa. - The U.S. Supreme Court won't hear the case of a western Pennsylvania man who served as a guard at Nazi concentration camps.

Lower courts have ruled that 84-year-old Anton Geiser obtained his U.S. citizenship illegally. The Supreme Court posted a docket entry Monday saying it would not hear Geiser's appeal.

Both sides agree that Geiser only guarded the peremiter of the camps. The courts have ruled that doing so is enough to make someone ineligible for U.S. citizenship.

The next step is for the Justice Department to file papers in immigration court seeking Geiser's deportation.

Geiser was born in Yugoslavia, in an area that's now part of Croatia. He lives in Sharon, about 60 miles north-northwest of Pittsburgh. (

I say send that sucker back to Yugoslavia.

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