Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my eco-volution

I really believe that becoming a sustainable person is a domino effect. Lasting change is incremental. Any lifestyle shift that takes place over night will likely break down.

Personally, I went from re-usuable bags to re-usable water bottles to re-usable coffee thermoses to veganism to packing forks to school etcetera. Each step helped me happily find and transition to the next.

Speaking of the next step, I have mad a vow to give up frozen vegetables. The energy it takes to freeze vegetables and keep them that way is just wasteful if it can be avoided--especially when frozen veggies do not absorb flavor as well when cooked, taste as yummy as fresh veggies, or retain as many nutrients.

Better yet, the process of picking out a wide variety of colorful fresh vegetables is just joyous--I can't believe I wasn't attracted to it sooner. Chopping and taking the time to prepare a truly healthy meal is relaxing and mindful.

It's only been two days, but I am LOVING the change.

(Note: I have not given up frozen veggie burgers. Perhaps one of these days I will figure out how to make my own. However, I do want to start making my own protein bars. More on that project when the laboratory phase begins)

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