Friday, May 29, 2009

Baskin-Robbins heir speaks out against dairy and meat

I love the irony. Ecorazzi reports:

Robbins is the heir of the Baskin-Robbins fortune and bravely gave up hundreds of millions of dollars to devote his life to speaking out against meat and dairy. His books have changed lives (including this guys) and his words continue to inspire.

In Processed People: The Documentary John talks specifically about what’s wrong with the meat industry. He says:

“Modern factory farming treats animals without any level of respect — in fact with contempt for their needs, for their instincts, for their well being on every level. And the degree of cruelty that’s involved in modern meat production is so severe. You don’t have to a vegetarian, you don’t have to be an animal rights activist to find it deplorable – to find it appalling — if you actually see what it is, how far it’s gone, how grotesque. ” full article

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