Thursday, May 14, 2009

yoga for all sizes

I never thought about this, but the typical yoga experience is designed for smaller, more fit people.
Poses considered standard for those who are fit or slim — standing with the feet together in mountain pose, kneeling with the forehead on the mat in child’s pose — are often difficult or even impossible for heavier students. Forward bends and twists are hindered by extra girth. Weight-bearing exercises like arm balances can also be more difficult.
Yoga studios like Buddha Body Yoga are springing up and catering to plus-size clients only.

“I’m not interested in teaching small people,” said Mr. Hayes, 49, who has been teaching the Manhattan class for five years. “There are so many other classes for them.”

Mr. Hayes, who is 5-foot-11 and weighs 250 pounds, said that the concern goes beyond feeling bad because you don’t look like the 22-year-old actress on the next mat. Most yoga classes, even beginner courses, don’t address the needs of big bodies, he said. Check out the full article

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conner said...

yoga to the people is also a great alt, aiming to make yoga accessible to everyone.