Monday, October 12, 2009

victory for farm animals and meat eaters in Michigan

Governor Jennifer Granholm signed a bill into law today that will extend "modest but meaningful" protection to farm animals. Michigan Humane Society reports:

HB 5127 phases out veal crates for calves within three years, and battery cages for laying hens and gestation crates for breeding sows within ten years. The state has more than ten million laying hens, approximately 100,000 breeding pigs, and is ranked by the Cattleman's Beef Board as a top veal-producing state (no official numbers are available). full article

On the one hand, farm animals will experience better (emphasis on better) treatment. On the other hand, giving animals room to minimally stand up, lie down, and turn around and extend their limbs means that an omnivore's future dinner is less crammed up against its feces, wading in bacteria and the like.

B.T. dubz, the bacteria becomes even more delicious when animals are wading in the feces of other animals. Mmmm, cross-contamination. gets better...your ground beef most likely contains flesh from thousands of cows that have been joined together by one factory-farming, meat industry mish-mash grinding splooge machine.

The skeptic reading my post says, "but we're not all (immediately) ill. It can't be that bad."

Well, lucky you...your splooge meat is treated with a chemical antibiotic McFlurry of nastiness. But there are no warning labels anywhere for you to read.

For more info, check out Food Inc.

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