Wednesday, June 2, 2010

new Whole Foods in Tarzana, CA is the vegan money spot

Now that I am visiting LA, I had the pleasure of experiencing the valley's newest glory: the Tarzana Whole Foods (the older glory being Madeleine Bistro).

Before I rave about how veg-friendly it is, I would like to say that there was no visible compost or recycling bins. I'll have to take a second trip to see if they were there and I was just too excited from the gooey vegan baklava to notice (you best believe if there is no compost, I will host a complain campaign). I was also annoyed that the utensils were plastic instead of biodegradable.

Okay, okay...I digress. Back to vegan nirvana. First of all--do you see this?

Aside from the Vegan Bar, dishes are also appropriately marked "vegan" or "vegetarian" throughout the rest of the bar. While I could not find vegan doughnuts, I did find vegan cherry/apple turnovers, brownies, cookies, and...drum roll...BAKLAVA.

I know vegan goodies have a bad rep, but let me tell you: I had no problem giving up animal flesh, but if the dessert was bad I would never have made 2 1/2 years of being a vegan. As with any type of food, you can get something disgusting or something delicious. That being said, this baklava was OFF THE CHARTS.

The brand is called Nutty Baklava, but I can't find it online (WTF? I was planning on getting that ish shipped to the vegan baklava desert known as Washington, DC). Aside from being dairy-, egg-, and honey-free, this doughy delight features ZERO hydrogenated oils, ZERO preservatives, ZERO refined sugar, ZERO trans fats, and uses 100% unbleached fillo. For two ginormous hunks of heaven, I think a price of $6.99 is reasonable.

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