Tuesday, February 15, 2011

raw, vegan, GF protein bars

I've been meaning to get off Cliff bars for a while, mainly because all that yumminess comes with a lot of extra sodium and processing. Now that I'm transitioning to GF, I'm re-vamping my dietary regimen altogether (I am also on a super miserable 10 day asthma detox that excludes caffeine, gum, and sweets other than fruits/agave...I'm too cranky to talk about it right now).

I like protein bars because I can only eat nuts/trail mix for so long--gotta keep it spicy. One of these days I'll get down the more eco-friendly route of homemade protein bars. That day is not today, or any time in the next couple weeks.

So here's what I'm working with: Raw Revolution and Pure bars.
If I had to pick a winner off the bat, it would be Raw Revolution. Other flavors include chocolate coconut and chocolate raspberry--an essential for the choco craving, GF loathing vegan. The Raw Revolution chocolate flavors are def better than the Pure chocolate flavor.

BUT, having said that, the apple flavor of Pure rocks the house. I intend on eating mainly Raw Revolution with a few apple Pure bars here and there to mix it up.

Note that there are non-choco flavors of Raw Revolution available--but why would I pick those out before all of the variations of chocolate? In terms of convenience, however, Pure bars are available at Trader Joes (whereas I've only seen Raw Revolution at Whole Foods).

What's so amazing about these bars? Take a look!

These bars are like an ideal partner--so NOT full of crap.

As a side not, a few years ago I had to take a breather from raw bars when I overdosed on them abroad (needed to pack easy sustenance). Happy to be back on raw protein bars, I am wary that I may need to occasionally switch in a non-raw, GF/V protein bar. Will keep you posted on how that one goes.


Stephen said...

You should check out Larabars too (http://www.glutenfreeways.com/2010/12/larabar.html). I just did a post on Pure bars too (http://www.glutenfreeways.com/2011/02/pure-bar.html).

Vanessa said...

I just ate the Raw Revolution raspberry chocolate flavor for the first time today. AMAZING.

Ren said...

And Larabars are made by USC alum!