Saturday, March 1, 2008

hang in there, Dennis

According to the Washington Post, for the first time, Representative Dennis Kucinich is struggling to keep his congressional seat.

City Councilmember Joe Cimperman, Kucinich's main opponent, is using the "he is never around to represent us" tactic to take the 10th congressional district, and even went so far as to post up a "Missing" sign with a mock-mug shot on Dennis' Cleveland office.

"This attempt to paint me as a part-time congressman is just a lie. If anything, I was a part-time presidential candidate," said Kucinich, whose 11 percent absentee-voting rate was the best of any presidential contender.

I understand political strategy, and so the mug-shot stunt works in my book--but I am absolutely appalled by:

Cimperman also showed up at Kucinich's home with local pastries, sausage, Stadium Mustard and a map of Ohio, accusing the lawmaker of abandoning his roots in favor of "eating sushi with Sean Penn."

Hey dumb shit--did your opposition research forget to tell you that Kucinich is a vegan? Sending dead animals and their products to a vegan's home as part of a lame campaign tactic is in poor taste and only makes you look stupid. I love how the Washington Post did not even call that. No love for vegans.

Obviously Dennis is eating rice and vegetables--he does not eat cooked animal flesh or curdled bovine lactation.

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