Saturday, March 1, 2008

spanking can lead to sexual coercion later in life?

I am adamantly opposed to abusing children and calling it "spanking" or "discipline" or whatever other euphemism one can think of to cop out of actual parenting...but I am not sure what to think of this study:

Men who had experienced corporal punishment were four times more likely to physically coerce a partner into having sex, than those who had not experienced a lot of corporal punishment.

Physical coercion includes holding someone down or hitting them. Women who had experienced corporal punishment were also more likely to coerce sex from a partner than those who had not been spanked.

"People generalize that the use of coercion, physical coercion, is okay. They learn that from people they love and respect - their parents," said Straus, who presented the findings at a summit of the American Psychological Association.

I suppose the logic does follow: neutralizing children to violence promotes acceptance of violence as a tool in general.

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