Thursday, March 20, 2008

new rule

If you work in a restaurant or other food establishment, do not make faces at your customer's order.

I am sorry for you and your cardiovascular system that you eat everything with multiple forms of curdled bovine lactation oozing out, but I don't--so don't make fucking faces or comments. That is not what you're paid for, and that is not why I am standing in line.

Since I am stuck in an airport (going on hour 3) and am not particularly happy, let me also say, don't bother someone to move up one foot in line. Did your life really improve with that extra 12 inches, fuck face?

Something else that baffles my mind: educators encouraging trans fats and fast foods. I have interacted with two school groups, one middle school and one high school, and each set of teachers is sending kids to McDonalds or Wendy's. Disgusting. I love when the teacher asks, "what did you order?" and the kid responds something like, "Double bacon lard burger with cheese and fries" and the teacher says, "good choice!" Or how about when the supervisor exclaims, "Extra forty-cents for everyone. You can supersize!"

Another thought about planes and airports. If there is a screaming kid in the plane, everyone gets a credit. Or there needs to be a holding tank...or some sort of in-flight infanticide. If there is a screaming kid on my flight, I will be so angry. I don't understand why noise pollution and public nuisance regulations somehow disappear with babies. If you can't shut the thing up or drug it to sleep, leave it at home.

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