Friday, March 14, 2008

let's talk about being gay and terrorism

State Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, declared "the homosexual agenda is just destroying this nation" and that homosexuality poses a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism. "According to God's word, that is not the right kind of lifestyle," she said.

You want to talk about terrorism? You want to talk about systematic fear and oppression instilled by social, professional, and governmental institutions and related organizations? Try being a sexual minority or a gender non-conformist in an intolerant, bible-beating, war zone. You can't even escape it in a big city.

I love how Kern talks about high suicide rates and depression among sexual minorities--huh, I wonder why? If you are not comfortable being yourself, if you are subject to violence and discrimination, if you are hiding or suppressing your lifestyle--you are susceptible to depression.

Then Kern moves onto "indoctrination" in schools. Please. You subscribe to an extreme ideological religious framework. You believe in god.

I am going to control myself from going into an atheist tirade on sin, ignorance, and the entire concept of the bible. I am just very concerned to see members of government promoting religious agendas.

The sad thing is, when Kern resigns or does not get re-elected or whatever her consequence is, she will feel proud that she is a martyr and spreading god's word or some other pathetic version of the same story. Then she will blame her joblessness on the gays.

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