Sunday, April 13, 2008

wtf is wrong with saying "bitter"?

I am so sick of this "bitter" business--and how it has now become fuel for both Clinton and the GOP.

Did Barack say that small-towners are horrible people? No. What is wrong with describing people who are traditionally ignored by the political system as bitter in that respect? What is wrong with pointing out the undeniable truth that these frustrations can be vented in other issues? NOTHING--aside from the fact that this train of logic may be too sophisticated for the electorate as a whole.

And what about Hillary? Is she so desperate to distract the public from $110 million in earnings that she is going to blow up a trivial issue of semantics, and further disenfranchise the Democratic party in the general election ta boot?

Yes, someone who was raised by a single mother and worked as an organizer in one of the poorest communities in Chicago post Ivy League-graduation is DEFINITELY an elitist.

Why are people eating up this crap? I hate to call people stupid--but I really have no other explanation.

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