Friday, June 5, 2009

Belgium city begins meat-free Thursdays

The Ghent City Council, in consideration of the green house emissions associated with the over-consumption of meat, has initiated Veggie Day every Thursday. Reuters reports:

The city is also promoting vegetarian meals in its canteens, schools and restaurants. Kindergartens and primary schools will offer vegetarian meals on Thursdays from September 2009. A city hospital has expressed interested in taking part as well and Balthazar hopes Ghent University will soon follow these leads.

The campaign also includes free vegetarian recipes in the free city magazine, cooking workshops for professionals and distributing a map of Ghent that indicates restaurants offering vegetarian options.

Ethical Vegetarian Awareness, which is behind the campaign, says that if every Ghent resident were to go meatless for just one day a week for a year, it would be the equivalent of taking 20,000 cars off the road. Full article

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liminalD said...

What a fantastic idea!! Considering the energy inefficiency of feeding humans by relying on meat (it takes 11-17 calories of grain to produce 1 calorie of beef, pork or chicken, you first have to grow said grain to feed to said cows etc, and then kill those cows etc to feed humans, when you could just as easily feed the grain to the humans), this should have a big impact!! I'll be keeping my eye on this issue!!