Thursday, June 25, 2009

call your reps now to add additional solar and wind to climate bill

On a conference call with Al Gore, the Repower Campaign, and climate "superactivists" from around the nation, Al Gore announced that the Clean Energy and Security Act--also known as the Waxman-Markey Bill or ACES--would be on the floor Friday for a vote.

Since then, climate coalitions and individual citizens have been working non-stop to advocate for a stronger, better bill.

Here's the deal: ACES doesn't offer any more wind and solar than the Department of Energy already has in the works. Since Speaker Pelosi decides which ammendments are voted on and which are not, please call your member of Congress and tell him/her:

"ask Speaker Pelosi to support the Titus-Giffords-Heinrich clean energy amendment."

Then report your call to MoveOn here (you'll have to click on the "the contact info is NOT correct box" because I can't seem to get a blank form without my rep's name on it.

Don't know who your member of Congress is? Find out here.

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