Thursday, February 21, 2008

60% of emerging infectious diseases (EID) are from animals

According to the article:

Scientists say conservation efforts that reduce conflicts between humans and animals could play a key role in limiting future outbreaks...

The researchers found that 60% of EID events were caused by "non-human animal" sources...

"We are crowding wildlife into ever smaller areas, and human population is increasing," explained Dr Marc Levy, a global change expert at Columbia University's Earth Institute...

He added that the main sources were mammals that were most closely related to humans.

While I applaud the article's recognition of preserving biodiversity and stressing conservation--I am not sure how the risk of of lethal zoonotic diseases can ever be addressed without addressing the over-consumption of animals.

Although I view veganism as completely reasonable, I understand that others may perceive it as extreme. Fine. I will respect that. But any moderate voice can tell you that decreasing animal products will decrease the spread and frequency of EIDs.

I have a friend who consumes animal flesh only once a day. Others limit intake of x,y, or z. Whatever works for you will help your health and the environment.

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