Monday, February 4, 2008

weightist lawmaker proposes discriminatory legislation

Representative John Read of Gautier, a Republican from Mississippi, actually proposed banning restaurants from serving obese customers. Apparently, we are supposed to feel better about this because Gautier never thought this would become law.

Let's see, this elected official's idea of "shedding light" on a health crisis is to legally recognize a policy of discrimination, violate our right to privacy and equal protection under the law, publicly humiliate and punish the "obese," and essentially declare that the government should regulate your body. What better way to fan the culturally-sanctioned stigma against our obese friends?

Not to mention the arbitrary lines that separate over-weight from obese, and health from dis-health.

If your state is chronically suffering from poor dietary habits, why not introduce a comprehensive nutrition program into schools, libraries and community centers? Why not amp up the recreational programs at parks and other facilities? Why not help businesses that will help combat the problem?

Instead, we should dehumanize people in ways that are, besides unconstitutional, absolutely idiotic. As if refusing to sell someone fried pork drenched in butter-gravy splooge in a local eatery would prevent that person from going to market and preparing their own meals. This flagrantly-flawed plan shows all too well its intentions--mockery.

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