Monday, February 25, 2008

My dislike for Hillary grows and grows

I actually think it is hilarious that the Hillary Campaign spreads pictures of Obama dressed as a Somali elder on a tour of Africa (because he gives a shit about the country)--and the Drudge Report defends him! I guess that goes to show a) how ridiculous the whole "accusation" is, and b) how both sides of the aisle find Hillary so distasteful.

Hillary is trying to exploit conservative Islamo-fascist propaganda and turn it against the real front-runner Democrat. But thank you, Drudge Report, for putting her desperate claim in context with a slew of photos showing the Clintons and Bush himself in local garb.


Anonymous said...

This is getting soooooooo boring. Are we going to have 8 months of this crap.
He is NOT a muslim and never has been. He was on a tour to a tribal village. So what????

Ren said...

+1 to anonymous... but also, so what if he were? the argument is exhausting...