Sunday, February 24, 2008

what an obnoxious article

I am not sure why any educated professional would want to further stigmatize divorce, but here it is.

Olivia Zaleski from the Huffington Post writes, "Is Divorce Bad for the Environment?"

Wow, I hate her. Why don't we amp up the guilt on people making healthy decisions for their own lives and families? It's actually very brave to make an abrupt lifestyle change often frowned upon by outsiders.

Perhaps what she is trying to say that the more people in one house, the more environmentally efficient. That is a different point.

Why don't we work on more comprehensive awareness in achieving sustainable lifestyles for everyone--single or married--before we try to think of some quirky frame that is in reality a lame cheap shot. It is clear that some one thought she stumbled upon something clever and cute--when it is really just obnoxious and aggravating.

Perhaps the author thought she was writing a funny article, but cultural humor is simply a way to reaffirm social taboos through an innocent guise. Way to completely undermine progress!

I think that people need to make healthy choices for themselves, personally and environmentally. Statistically, marriage is a failing institution. We need to stop glorifying "holy" matrimony in the first place. Maybe then the masses would not be running into marriages that can't and don't work, whether they separate or remain miserable together.

I guess I must be Exxon if I am advocating delayed and/or no marriage.

By the way, most people downgrade the size of dwelling after divorce.

If you are so concerned about your carbon emission post-divorce, get a roommate.

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