Saturday, June 28, 2008

the most culture-blind study of one-night stands

A "study" revealed that, because women are left unhappier than men post-one-night stand, there is no evolutionary advantage in such encounters for women.

Hmm...I am sure the fact that our culture oppresses female sexuality has nothing to do with female unhappiness after poking a stranger. I am sure the fact that women are normatively socialized to be on the man-hunt has nothing to do with this. I am sure the fact that the typical female cultural script involves hyper-sensitivity, care taking of others, and negligence of self--coupled with the typical male script of autonomy and mischief--does not affect the findings at all.

In a society where women are commonly judged based on their number of partners or sexual behavior--although this is both expected and praised in men--and whose vaginas are also vulgarly described as stretched, larger, etc...none of this could possibly explain the findings.

Let's bring it all back to "evolution."

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