Sunday, August 16, 2009

the dirty truth about dirt

"Deadly conflicts are breaking out over our dwindling supply of fertile soil."

While the top five centimeters of the earth may seem trivial, soil is necessary for the growth of food, to hold and clean water, to help regulate the climate, and is used to build dwellings. One handful of dirt contains tens of billions of live organisms.

But we've lost 1/3 of our top soil in the last 100 years. The Brazilian rain forest is being cut down to increase the supply of soil (and we ain't got enough rain forest left to just demolish).

I've pre-ordered Dirt! The Movie, which will be made available for purchase in September. This is just one of those films where the trailer does not contain nearly enough information. I will be glad to share what I learn and pass around my copy of the DVD when it arrives.

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