Sunday, August 9, 2009

ZAYTINYA: favorite vegan-friendly dc hot spot

Sometimes, a vegan needs a break from homemade spicy flax seed couscous or BBQ seitan and onions. Sometimes, you just need a night out with upscale dining and a fabulous cocktail.

For the animal-free consumer, nice restaurants can be difficult. It's all about dead cow, chicken, and fish. Enter Zaytinya, my fav DC dining hot spot.

Not only does Zaytinya feature egg- and dairy-free menus, but the servers are well-versed on which items on the menu are completely vegan. Unfortunately, asking about gluten-free options slipped my mind, but I will ask next time.

In my humble opinion, the best options are the cauliflower, mushroom, falafel and fava bean dishes.

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Stephen said...

love the GF shout out hhooolllaaaaaa :)