Wednesday, August 26, 2009

those extra pounds: eating disorders, self, and others

One of my readers emailed me a great article about the potential strain of orthorexia on the sufferer's health, as well as on relationships with others.

(I just want to say that I love when my readers comment and/or contact me. So thank you.)

I know that the article focused on orthorexia (obsession with "healthy" and "pure" foods to the degree of nutrient deficiency and/or caloric deficiency and/or disordered eating patterns and/or other extreme behavior), but I would like to broaden the discussion back to eating disorders as a general term.

This specific discussion pertains to restrictive eaters who need to put on some weight in the recovery process (and also chronic dieters who are underweight). Often, it's the last 5-10 that are the most unbearable--when you can "get away" with certain types of restrictions and not "have an eating disorder."

So, I'd like to kindly remind everyone to think about what those last 5-10 lbs are. They are:
  • dinners with friends and loved ones
  • trying different kinds of foods, tastes, and textures
  • focusing in class/work because you are full instead of thinking about food because you are still hungry
  • eating cupcakes because frosting is your favorite treat ever
  • skipping the gym sometimes to play with your little brother
  • having a couple cocktails on the weekend to unwind
  • muscle because you are strong and healthy enough to have great workouts
  • mindfulness because you are in the moment instead of calculating calories and cardio and being hungry
  • love for yourself because you want to be full, to enjoy, and to be alive
  • and one of my all time favorites, those extra pounds let others--specifically young girls and women--know that they can be happy, successful, fun, and beautiful with a natural and healthy body.
Much love,
The Colonic


Justin said...

Love Love Love this!
So true!

fds said...

Well put!!!
You really know how to strike and issue :)