Wednesday, August 26, 2009

loco for local

Today was my first time at the Foggy Bottom Farmer's Market, which takes place every Wednesday from 2:30-7:30.

What a treat! I bought fresh vegetables, fruit, baba ghanoush, bell pepper hummus, and sunflower flax seed bread for the entire week for the fabulous price of $30.00. Not to mention I bought them from the farmers who had grown them.

Since I find hand-selecting all of the fresh and wholesome things that enter my body to be intimate and fun, the entire process is a joyful and therapeutic experience of mindfulness and connection to oneself.

Just look at this bread. Have you ever seen bread so beautiful?

It's nice to know that my food hasn't traveled across the country or world, and that I can support small communities and businesses while feeding myself all sorts of deliciousness.

Can't wait until next Wednesday.

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