Thursday, December 4, 2008

the happiness equation


There you have it. According to Heidt, happiness consists of your genetic set point, conditions in your environment, and voluntary actions.

The equation has certainly held true for me--but then again, one could argue that I have certain genetic characteristics that make me more self-initiated and determined. I firmly believe that there is no seemingly automatic and unproductive psychological tendency in me that I cannot identify, explore, and resolve. Perhaps it is my unwavering belief that has allowed me to take more control of my life, become more self-aware, and enjoy myself much more.

Speaking of increasing happiness, a study just came out today finding that happiness can be contagious.

I also would like to point out a very fun fact: natural selection does not favor my happiness, because I don't want to make babies.

I think I can give better things to the world than by genes anyway.

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