Thursday, December 11, 2008

is the economic crisis furthering the climate crisis?

I am starting to worry that all of this--justifiable, of course--concern with the economy is taking attention away from the imminent threat of climate change. I am on Senator Boxer's mailing list, and was really scared by the following:
My top priority -- in fact, my only priority right now -- is to stabilize the housing market, create new, good-paying jobs, and get our economy back on track.
I really hope that she actually meant that she is working to revitalize our economy--and planet--with green jobs and sustainable infrastructure.

Power Shift 2009, here I come.


Maxim said...

The real irony is that global economic recession will do more for the planet than any possible green reforms could ever hope to. The assumption behind the political consensus about the environment - i.e. what motivates Boxer's "top priority" - is that, whatever the problem may be, we can produce our way out of it. Perfecting production is the only possible solution to all problems - it's the only option late capitalism admits of. Ultimately, what are green jobs and green technologies but simply more perfect forms of production and distribution?

Maxim said...