Saturday, December 6, 2008

natural selection, adaptability, and assholes

I have to say, I am stumped: why would natural selection favor the qualities of a warrantless asshole?

A territorial or violent prick I completely understand. These qualities would be helpful in protecting the family or competing against other mates.

But the warrantless asshole? What good is an unreasonable and unpredictable d-bag? Shouldn't natural selection just weed them out? And who the hell wants to reproduce with a shit head?

Perhaps I am just confused by people with personality disorders. After all, how could any one be cruel? I just don't understand. And why would any one be very cruel to someone extremely kind?

Rest assured, I will consult an authoritative source to answer my scientific inquiry.

I suppose idiots like me would have already reproduced offspring with said asshole in more primal times.

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