Wednesday, December 10, 2008

training the "feminine" body

What with my inconspicuous consumption of a snazzy new gym membership, I decided that I should inconspicuously consume some personal training sessions as well.

While discussing my goals with my new trainer (10 pull ups!), I couldn't help but notice--over and over and over again--the emphasis placed on social constructions of gender, and what exactly it means to be and look "feminine."

Since my goal is to get super strong, I was assured that I would be guided through this process appropriately as to maintain a "feminine" body--and presumably not look bulky and "masculine."

I couldn't help but think how difficult it must be for female body builders, who have been undoubtedly interrogated why they would ever want to look "big" and "manly".

All I'm saying is, if I am going to pull my own weight in life, I best be able to pull up my weight on a silly little bar.

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