Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ending unanimity for execution

After a jury failed to unanimously agree to execute Brian G. Nichols for the rash murder of 4 government employees:
Georgia legislators have began lining up to introduce bills eliminating the requirement that juries be unanimous for a death sentence. Hard-on-crime lawmakers have long favored easier rules on death sentencing, but the Nichols sentence has given new urgency to their cause. full article
Representative Barry A. Fleming believes the law should be weakened because “Unfortunately, you have people who say they’re willing to consider the death penalty, but when they get on a jury, it becomes clear that they’re actually death penalty opponents.”

Uhhh...you mean once citizens become personally involved in the process, they tend to realize that execution is cruel and unusual punishment? That Americans retract support of the death penalty on the spot lends credence to eliminating the punishment--not making it easier to execute (no pun intended).

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