Saturday, January 19, 2008

RACE VS SEX--not gender

There is all of this banter on "race versus gender" in terms of the presidential election. But actually, I would argue that this assessment is off.

In fact, it isn't Hillary's gender that is so problematic. Aside from an occasional cleavage comment and perhaps a dress, she is in professional--and by professional, I mean traditionally "masculine"--garb, carries the demeanor of a seasoned politician, and does not strike me with her "feminine" ventures.

In fact, I think this is a classic example of RACE versus SEX...because the only problem with Hillary is her vagina and fully developed breasts--and that is sex, not gender. It isn't how she is behaving or what she is her chromosomes.

If the problem were gender, that would mean that Hillary could cross-dress completely as a man and become perfectly acceptable. This is not the case. And as stated, she isn't dressing so "girly" to begin with.

This is an issue of genitals.


bbk said...

I'd beg to differ. What I've seen time and again is Hillary setting the attack dogs loose on her opponents and then portraying herself as a victim. She often makes appeals to her femininity and to Feminism. And her husband has displayed the kind of righteous chivalric indignation on her behalf - what better way to remind people of Hillary's victim qualifications than a cheating husband becoming angry at how others mistreat his wife? Oh yes, Hillary has gotten a good share of sympathy votes. But that does not make her any better of a candidate. She uses negative campaigns as much as the Democratic electorate will tolerate.

Let's not go to what conservatives say about Clinton, because it does not matter. I agree wholeheartedly that there is a lot of sexist innuendo coming from Republicans. But they're also saying Obama was a drug dealer who spent his days in college playing basketball with his posse. And they're calling Edwards a faggot, boring white guy, etc.

These attacks are coming from people whose candidates are known for using 9-11 victims to fill potholes while they dress up in drag for parties. These attacks are NOT coming from her Democratic opponents. If she, you, and her other supporters use Republican attacks on Hillary as a shaming tactic against the rest of the Democratic field, well, shame on you.

We should do as much as we can to filter out these smears and pick the candidate that we, as Democrats, really want. All of our front runners do better in polls than every single one of the Republican candidates. It's time to simply IGNORE Republicans and elect the best Democrat for our future.

Angry Tall Asian Guy said...

I totally agree with you. Although I would argue that there has recently been a slight transformation of the supposed "Race vs. Sex" issue into a gender one with Hillary crying and showing her "female" soft side--which I think is sexist bullshit to begin with, considering men have soft side too--the media tagline "Race vs. Sex" has been out ever since the two began running which was way before her starting to cry and "taking advantage of the Bill situation". (that was a long sentence, but I know you're smart enough to follow the grammar and get it.) So I disagree with the author of last comment regarding femininity of Clinton and agree with you that the corporate media is being yet again stupidly mainstream and mainstreamly stupid.